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Chicken Simmered in Beer

January 13, 2010

Still needs some tweaking…


5 or 6 chicken thighs
Mrs. Dash Italian seasoning mix (garlic & herb)
2 bottles beer


On medium heat in a skillet, brown chicken and season it well on both sides.

Reduce heat and add beer. Cover.

Cook for ~45 minutes, turning chicken every 15 minutes or so.

Remove cover and increase heat to medium. Cook for an additional 20 – 30 minutes, checking and turning chicken about every 10 minutes.

If the beer begins to dry up in the skillet before cooking is completed, re-cover. Do not let beer/moisture completely evaporate from skillet.

If prepared properly (which this recipe may not completely achieve), beer will thicken up with chicken juices into a nice glaze/sauce that can be dribbled over chicken – and chicken won’t be dry.